English Premier League Table 2012

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Barclays Premier League Table Facts & Stats

  • the 1992–93 was the first season of English Premier League, the table back then consisted of 22 clubs that broke away from The Football League
  • in 1995 the number of competing league football clubs was reduced from 22 to 20 decreasing the total number of games to 38
  • 40 points is seen as requirement to guarantee survival, the average number of points needed to survive over the last 5 seasons was 36.7
  • West Ham went down with 42 points in 2003, 34 points was enough for survival  on 3 occasions
  • since 1995/96 (introduction of 38 game season) the lowest number of points that won the title was 75 points 1996/97 by Manchester United
  • the most points that didn’t guarantee Premier League title was 86 in 2008/09 by Liverpool, Manchester United won the title with 90 points that season
  • Only 7 clubs haven never been relegated since the launch: Arsenal, Aston Villa, Chelsea, Everton, Liverpool, Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur
  • Alan Shearer is the league’s all time top scorer with 260 goals (scored for Southampton, Blackburn Rovers and Newcastle)
  • With 20 year anniversary of the league in 2012 Premier League launched 20 seasons awards in categories like best goal, best match, best player or best team with some of the categories being decided by public vote and some by panel votes

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